Year: 2023

  • Plant & Flower IdentificationHow deep to plant iris rhizomes

    How To Tell If Iris Bulbs Are Good? Care Plan For Irises

    Welcome to the session of Iris bulb, whose beauty can flourish under your tender care plan. Ensuring the health and vitality of your iris bulb is essential for a thriving garden. So, how to tell if Iris bulbs are good?  I’ll offer expert advice and practical tips to help you confidently select the best bulbs and nurture them to their…

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  • Plant & Flower IdentificationWhat Are Other Examples Of Monocots

    Is Corn A Dicot Or Monocot? How To Plant & Harvest Them?

    Corn plays a role as a vital crop in our lives. The botanical classification of corn has long been a subject of curiosity, prompting an age-old question: Is corn a dicot or monocot? Understanding this fundamental aspect of corn’s biology is key to appreciating its place in the plant world. In this article, I’ll dive into the distinctive characteristics (embryonic…

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  • Growing Plantshow to care for daffodils after they bloom

    Daffodil Care After Blooming – A Complete Guideline

    Learning about daffodil care after blooming is important to ensure long-lasting growth year after year. The plant with yellow hues spreading in spring indicates another long and dreary winter has gone, and it’s time for everything to come alive again. While enjoying its gorgeous blooms, you should not forget to care for daffodils after blooming to see their beautiful color…

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  • Garden CareIs dappled willow invasive

    Problems With Dappled Willow: What Gardeners Must Know?

    Dappled willow belongs to the willow family. Like any other plants, these dappled willows, the deciduous shrubs, come with their own challenges. Here, you’ll find valuable insights into 17 common problems with dappled willow. My goal is to simplify these potential problems so that gardeners of all levels can grasp them easily. Let’s delve in and help you navigate your…

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  • Growing PlantsPlumeria seeds how to grow

    Seed Pods On Plumeria: Everything Gardener Must Know

    Want to learn more about seed pods on plumeria? You’ve come to the right place. I will cover everything about plumeria pods in this piece, which includes how to grow, care for them, and common problems that arise when planting. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive in now without further delay! How To Plant And Grow Seed Pods On…

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  • Growing Plantssoaking ferns in Epsom salt

    How Much Epsom Salt For Ferns: A Comprehensive Guideline

    Ferns are renowned for their lush, green foliage and delicate fronds that add a touch of elegance to any garden or indoor space, and I guess you may have heard about using Epsom salt as a fertilizer to keep your ferns looking their best and thriving. However, it is necessary to apply the right amount is crucial to avoid potential…

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  • Growing PlantsHanging strawberries upside down

    Growing Strawberries Upside Down: 10-Step Ultimate Guide

    Growing strawberries upside down is enjoyable and easy. Upside-down planters hold the strawberry plants so that they grow downward. When hanging strawberries upside down, you may hang the plant on the balcony, helping save your garden space. This growing method appears unusual, yet it will result in juicy strawberries. So, how do you grow strawberries upside down? Check out the…

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  • Plant & Flower Identificationhawthorne tree bark

    Are Hawthorn Tree Thorns Dangerous?

    The hawthorn tree thorns are a common source of concern when talking about these aesthetic plants. They may present a danger to people, and the potential risk may cause serious consequences. My article will analyze the danger of hawthorn tree thorns for you and provide some ways to mitigate the damage. From that, you can determine if you should plant…

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  • Growing Plantswhere do raspberries grow

    Do Raspberries Grow On Vines? All Things You Need To Know When Planting Raspberries?

    Some new gardeners are usually confused: “do raspberries grow on vines?”. To plant and take care of raspberries, it’s best to know the role vines play in their development. In this article, I will give you the exact answer and some useful advice to make sure you can have a healthy garden of raspberry trees. What Is A Raspberries Tree?…

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  • Growing PlantsCallisia fragrans basket plant

    Callisia Fragrans Plant Care 101: An All-Rounded Guide

    With its cascading vines and attractive foliage, it’s no wonder why Callisia Fragranst has gained popularity among plant enthusiasts. However, it’s important to understand the Callisia Fragrans plant care requirements to ensure your plants thrive and remain healthy. In this comprehensive plant care guide, let’s explore everything you need to know to keep your plants thriving. From the ideal lighting…

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