Month: February 2023

  • Growing Plantspurple spots on cauliflower

    Why Is My Cauliflower Turning Purple? — A Guide

    Cauliflower may not be the easiest veggie to grow, but it’s certainly one of the most versatile in the kitchen (and nutritious!). With just a head of cauliflower, you can prepare dozens of tasty recipes. However, if you take on the challenge and decide to grow cauliflower yourself, there’s a small chance that the plant may turn purple. This unexpected…

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  • FAQsBlack Spots on Broccoli Stems Safe to Eat or Not

    Black Spots on Broccoli Stems Safe to Eat or Not? — A Guide

    Cheap, nutritious, and delicious, broccoli is one of the most-consumed veggies! Occasionally, though, while you’re browsing through the stalls, you may find a few heads of broccoli with black spots on their stems. We get it: these don’t look safe to eat at all. Most people will just put these heads back and pick another that looks fresher (and safer).…

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  • Garden CareWhat Are Squash Bugs

    Will Sevin Dust Kill Squash Bugs? Yes Or No

    Sevin dust is a popular insecticide commonly used in gardens to control pests And if you want to grow squash crops in your garden (pumpkins, butternut squashes, etc.), then squash bugs will be one of the biggest problems you have to deal with. These tiny bugs suck out the sap of your plants, causing them to wilt and grow unevenly.…

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  • Growing Plantsplant tomatoes and cucumbers

    Can You Plant Tomatoes With Cucumbers in Your Garden?

    Beloved by amateur and professional gardeners alike, tomatoes and cucumbers are garden staples for the summer months thanks to their ease of growth and juicy, flavorful produce. So, can I plant tomatoes and cucumbers next to each other? Yes! With the right technique, it’s entirely possible to plant them together and get them to thrive. After all, tomatoes and cucumbers…

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  • FAQsArtichoke Information

    What Happens If You Eat The Hairy Part Of An Artichoke? – Important Information

    Questions like what happens if you eat the hairy part of an artichoke will be on the top of your head when you want to eat an artichoke. Many gardeners love growing artichokes at leisure and gathering them to use in wonderful meals. Sadly, not every artichoke portion is safe to eat! You may be thinking about the outer layer…

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  • FAQsWhat Happens If-You Eat A Rotten Avocado

    What Happens If You Eat A Rotten Avocado – Your Complete Guide

    So, what happens if you eat a rotten avocado? Avocados are high in nutrients and offer several health advantages. However, eating rotting avocados might make you sick. If you suspect the avocado is rotting, discard it. Also, it cannot retain the fresh taste when being overripe. Don’t allow eating a bad avocado to bring you down! The below will explain…

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  • Garden ToolsA Grow Light Considered Indirect Sunlight

    Is A Grow Light Considered Indirect Sunlight?

    Few things cause more consternation among gardeners than the idea of brilliant indirect light. While a basic definition of strong indirect light may be simple regarding its actual application, you must consider several factors. People interested in indoor gardening are usually concerned about the differences between strong indirect and direct light for plants. In this article, you’ll learn how much…

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  • Growing PlantsCan You Grow Avocados In North Carolina

    Can You Grow Avocados In North Carolina?

    Due to its size, the United States has a wide range of topography and climate. As a result, what thrives in one region may not even germinate in another. For this reason, knowing what kinds of plants may thrive in a particular place is crucial. So, can you grow avocados in North Carolina? This article will release the answer and…

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  • Growing Plantscross pollinating peppers

    What Do You Know About the Tomato Pepper Hybrid?

    Tomato pepper hybrid – one new healthy plant, has been consumed a lot on the market in recent years. There are several benefits when people use this kind of tomato daily, including nutritional and mental values. Let’s discover some special things about pepper shaped tomatoes in the article below. What Is The Tomato Pepper Hybrid? Tomato pepper hybrid Tomato pepper…

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