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HI! Welcome to Samuel’s Garden. I am Samuel Mark – Founder of Samuel’s Garden.

I worked as an officer in a boring office for years ago. One day, when I went downtown to participate in my uncle’s party. I saw his garden with thousands of flowers endless spread throughout my eyes.

I had been frozen for a while, my heart bumping rapidly. At that moment, I know that I found my passion. After going home, I made a decision that might change my life – Quit the job and become a Gardener.

I started to grow plants, flowers, trees,… Years to year, I have faced a lot of problems with my garden such as weeds, money, or unexpected phenomena with growing plants.

I have asked my mentors and researched documents to solve it by myself. Sometimes I failed, but when I failed, I tried again and again.

Now, I am proud to say that my garden is quite good and brings a passive income for me. I love it.

So, I decide to write down all my experiences in growing my garden to all of you guys to help you – garden lovers can make good things as I did without wasting time.

Let’s join in my journey together. Any inquires or question feel free to contact with me.


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