Baby’s Breath Drying And Caring: A Complete Guide

The baby’s breath drying is a great idea to give you or anyone you love nice gifts, such as bridal bouquets or elegant flower bundles for decoration in your rooms.

Yet, do you know how to dry the baby’s breath blooms properly? 

This article will guide you on making the dry baby’s breath with simple and quick steps. I also help you know how to properly care for the baby’s breath flowers.

Scroll down for details!

What Are Babies Breath Flowers?

baby's breath drying

Baby’s breath flowers, widely known as gypsophila, are native to Eastern Europe.

These flowers are named Baby’s Breath because of their innocent and gorgeous appearance, resembling a cute and nice baby.

They are small flowers on the vine lying close to the other vines or branches. These flowers include five petals with a similar scale and detail as different flower types.

The dry baby’s breath will be perfect for a wedding bouquet. You can pick various colors, such as green, blue, and yellow, instead of only choosing light pink or white flowers.

The drying process of a baby’s breath requires carefulness and cleverness to create charming and impressive bundles of flowers with various hues.

Baby’s Breath Drying: A Complete Guide

Before drying the baby’s breath, harvest the most beautiful flowers and cut them properly for a bundle of 5 stems.

Tighten these bundles with rubber bands, and hang them upside down for 5-7 days.

After that, inspect and determine if your baby’s breath becomes dried. When they have dried already, remove the rubber bands and use them for any purpose.

Below are detailed steps that help you know how to dry baby’s breath without hassle. Let’s read on!

Harvesting The Baby’s Breath

When the baby’s breath flowers mature with full bloom of 12 to 18 inches, you can harvest them and start drying baby’s breath.

Yet, keep an eye on the multi-petaled flowers at their stem’s top and collect them as gently as possible.

I manually removed all of these flowering plants from their stems with a pair of strong gloves. This also helps me protect my hands and fingernails.

Clip Baby’s Breath

Clip baby’s breath flowers by trimming their stem with the proper height.

Yet, you can check the flowers and use the whole stem if you bought them from a florist or flower shop for making dried bundles of flowers.

Also, remember to choose the good flowers and discard any damaged or wilted blooms to have the most quality dry bundles.

Re-cut Stems Under Warm Water

how to dry baby's breath

In this second step, you must re-cut these flowers’ long stems under a warm running water tap. This helps clean the stems and gives you more beautiful bouquets of baby’s breath.

Bundle Five Stems of Baby’s Breath

Bundle about five baby breath stems and secure them firmly using a rubber band or elastic string.

Hang the Baby’s Breath Upside Down

Instead of putting the bundled flowers in an empty vase or container, you should hang them upside down in a well-ventilated, warm, and darkroom because gypsophila dry can generate ethylene gas.

Besides, choosing a dark location is ideal for helping your dried bundles of baby’s breath avoid the effect of sunlight, causing their color to fade.

Check Flowers After 5-7 Days

Monitor the bouquets of blooms after 5-7 days to check whether they are ready for the wedding, parties, or room decorations.

If the baby’s breath flowers become papery already, they are dry enough to use.

If they don’t give you the papery feel when touching, be patient to allow them more time for complete dryness.  Continue checking them after a couple of days.

Remove the Dried Flowers From the Rubber Band

Remove the elastic bands from the bundles of Gypsophila drying when the flowers are entirely dry

These dried flowers are great for your decorations or in addition to fresh bouquets, floral swags, or wreaths.

Besides, you can spice things up with other flowers that symbolize growth, love, etc.

How To Care Baby’s Breath Flowers Properly?

preserve baby's breath

When you receive a bouquet of baby’s breath flowers from someone who loves you, properly unwrap them from their wrappers, cut off the stems, and put them in an elegant jar or vase with fresh water inside.

To care for these flowers the best, change the fresh water daily to ensure their freshness for a long time. Also, keep the flowers with a new cut on their stem to receive the freshwater source.

Besides, you can dye these flowers (after drying) in various hues for a more impressive look and make them perfect keepsakes for photo frames, decoration, or scrapbooks.

Thus, it also makes a beautiful gift for a special occasion.


Can You Dry a Baby’s Breath In a Vase?

Yes, you can. Drying a baby’s breath bloom in a vase is simple. You can put the stems in a few inches of water for a period of time.

When water evaporates, the baby’s breath flowers become perky and upright but still dry.

Do Baby’s Breath Flowers Need to Be Kept in Water?

No, it doesn’t. You should keep their stems in fresh and clean water or a cold environment, but avoid letting the flowers get wet.

How Long Can Dried Baby Breath Flowers Last?

If you give the dried baby breath flowers thorough care, they may last about two to three years.

In addition, it’s best to put the dried baby’s breath bouquets away from direct sunlight, humidity, and unfavorable conditions.

Does the Dried Baby’s Breath Smell?

Yes, it does. A dry baby’s breath can smell a bit, but you can make its smell vanish by using a teaspoon of salt to the dried bouquets.

This way is easy to do if you don’t like the smell of these flowers when you own a bundle for a wedding party, decoration, or any other purpose.


Now you have a comprehensive guide to baby’s breath drying and caring for the best bouquets and elegant decorations.

If you can not harvest the flowers in your garden, ask your local florists to check if they are selling these great flowers.

After you collect the fresh flowers, follow the simple steps in this article to dry them easily.

It’s amazing to send dried baby breath flowers to someone on a special occasion such as a wedding party, anniversary, or birthday.

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