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How To Grow Bougainvillea From Seeds? Expert Tips

The allure of colorful bougainvillea is truly captivating. If you find yourself holding its seeds, you might be curious about how to nurture them into vibrant blooms.

Well, I’m here to share everything you need to know about growing bougainvillea from seeds.

From crucial growing conditions to detailed instructions on cultivating this exquisite plant, I’ve got all the information you need.

What Are Bougainvillea Growing Conditions That Any Gardeners Should Know?

bougainvillea from seeds

Bougainvillea loves warmth and sunlight, so plant it where it gets at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. Also, well-draining soil, like sandy or quality potting soil, is a great breeding ground for this plant.


Bougainvillea craves sunlight. Adequate sunlight—at least 6 hours per day—fuels its growth. Plant it where it gets direct rays.

If you keep it indoors, place it near a sunny window. Lack of sunlight might lead to weaker growth and fewer colorful flowers.

Soil Condition

Bougainvillea thrives in well-draining soil. Sandy or quality potting soil suits it well. Avoid heavy soil that traps water and could give rise to root rot.

You should keep the soil moist but not soggy by ensuring proper drainage to maintain a healthy root ball.

Root Ball Care

When planting or transplanting, handle the root ball gently. Use larger containers for sufficient root space, especially when it’s a mature plant.

Place a layer of soil at the bottom, then position the plant and fill it with soil. It gives the roots plenty of room and time to grow.

Water Technique

It’s best to water thoroughly when the top inch of the soil is dry. Allow excess water to drain and avoid overwatering, which may harm green leaves and result in root problems. 

In colder months, water less, as drought-tolerant bougainvillea needs less water.

How To Grow Bougainvillea From Seeds?

bougainvillea hardiness

Plant viable seeds in quality, moist potting soil (not too wet). Then, place it in a warm location where it can soak in direct sunlight.

In about 1-2 weeks, you’ll see signs of growth. As the plants grow, transplant them to larger containers.

Now, let’s learn how to plant bougainvillea via my step-by-step instructions:

Step 0: Preparation

Before you start, gather healthy, viable seeds with a high germination rate. My tip is you can spend a little time during the holiday season to find bougainvillea seeds for sale at gardening stores or online.

That will save you a bit when gardening. You also need a shallow container with proper drainage.

Then, choose a sunny spot or somewhere near a light source like a sunny windowsill. Fill the container with a mix of peat moss and organic matter about two inches deep.

Step 1: Planting The Seeds

Place the bougainvillea seeds on the soil’s surface in the container. Use a thin layer of soil to cover them.

Carefully water the bougainvillea seeds, keeping the soil slightly moist but not too wet. Be patient and give them plenty of time.

Step 2: Providing The Right Conditions

Place the container in a warm area with plenty of sunlight. Bougainvillea plants love warm weather and need at least six hours of direct sunlight daily as mentioned.

Monitor moisture levels, ensuring the soil doesn’t dry out completely.

Step 3: Watering Care

Water the seeds carefully to avoid disturbing them. Use a gentle stream to keep the soil moist. Avoid overwatering as it could lead to mold or rot.

Check the moisture level with a touch. The soil should be damp but not soaked.

Step 4: Germination And Growth

After a few weeks, you’ll notice the little sprout – tiny green shoots will appear. That is bougainvillea seedlings.

Keep providing sunlight and maintaining moisture levels. You might need to transfer them to a larger tray to give them more space as they grow.

Step 5: Transplanting Seedlings

You can transplant the seedlings once they’ve developed a few sets of leaves & are a few inches tall. Move them to larger containers with proper drainage.

Handle the young plants gently to avoid damaging the roots.

Step 6: Caring For Young Plants

Bougainvillea plants are drought tolerant, but make sure they receive regular water until they establish.

Fertilize them with a balanced fertilizer (balanced plant food) every couple of weeks throughout the active growth period.

Step 7: Pruning And Training

As your bougainvillea grows, it might need pruning, especially if you are about to grow it on a trellis. Trim back any overgrown or straggly branches.

You can shape the plant by gently bending and securing branches to encourage a bushier look. Regular pruning will help maintain a beautiful plant.

Step 8: Watching It Bloom

With proper care, your bougain flower will reward you with stunning blooms. These blooms aren’t actually flowers but rather colorful bracts.

Some varieties have white bracts, while others have vibrant colors like pink, purple, or orange. Enjoy the beauty of your flourishing bougainvillea!

Special Tip: I normally combine bougainvillea with early spring white flowering trees in my garden to create a living art canvas.

It creates a harmonious blend of colors and textures that surely surprise you. Give it a try!


how to plant bougainvillea

How To Propagate A Bougainvillea?

To create new bougainvillea plants, remove softwood cuttings from the stems of the parent plant.

Remove leaves, keep the cutting in moist soil, and gently provide indirect sunlight and water. In a few weeks, roots will develop, allowing you to transplant the cuttings into larger containers.

What Is Bougainvillea Hardiness?

Zones 10 and 11 (sometimes 9). Bougainvillea is a tropical plant sensitive to cold.

It thrives in warm climates and prefers temperatures above 60°F (15°C), so remember to protect it from frost and freezing conditions. In colder areas, grow it as a potted plant indoors.

How Long Does It Take For Bougainvillea To Root?

Around 1-2 weeks are enough for them to develop roots. Place them in well-draining soil, keep moisture levels right, and provide indirect sunlight.

With care and patience, you’ll soon see signs of growth, and the cuttings or seedlings will be ready for planting in larger containers.

How To Grow Bogan Via Plant?

Plant bougainvillea in sandy soil (but ensure it’s well-draining) in a sunny spot. Water thoroughly, letting the soil dry before watering again. Give it at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

In warm weather, it’s best to prune the plant into the desired shape. The plant will reward you with vibrant colors, beautiful flowers.


Growing your bougainvillea from seeds and watching them blossom into stunning, vibrant flowers is a joy-filled experience.

When your garden is adorned with vibrant colors, please share some photos with me. This way, I’ll know that my guidance has benefited you. Thank you!

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