What Is The Center Of Sunflower Called?

The beauty and usage of yellow sunflowers bring us joy, but what is the center of sunflower called? Sometimes, we don’t notice simple things in life.

Sunflowers normally make us happy because of their huge size and bright yellow hue.

It’s tough to stare at the flowers and not be reminded of the glorious summertime days. It is undeniable that sunflowers are some of the most well-known flowers.

Worry not about little information you know about sunflowers; we will provide you with a full guide below.

What Are Parts Of A Sunflower? 

center of sunflower called
Parts Of A Sunflower

Because of its big size and stunning flower, the sunflower is a very eye-catching all-year plant. It can reach a maximum height of 3 meters. It contains several parts, which will be discussed below.


Let’s begin with a fundamental plant part: roots. It is the portion that holds the plant in place. The plant has one primary root and some secondary roots.

They are fairly fibrous and highly stable. The plant roots have the ability to reach depths of one meter and more underground.

The sunflower is the most vulnerable at the joint between the main root and the stem. Because of this reason, you should apply fertilizers to the area.

It could be harmed by many outside factors, making it end up rotting.


The sunflower stem is typically thick, robust, and straight. The growth of sunflowers can be constant in suitable fertile soil and can reach a height of three feet tall.

To your surprise, the plants even can go up to 15 feet in some tallest sunflower types.

It does not develop any branches. However, it does feature stiff hair all over the stem, which will protect it from the outside environment. 

Sunflowers have a circular broadening at the end of the sunflower stem. It looks identical to a plate. The center section is always looking at the sun.

It means sunflowers will not develop well under growing light. This part of the plant is also highly weak to stem weevils.

You’re surely aware that the flower yields well-known pipes as well as common sunflower oil in your kitchen. Besides, have you known that the plant’s stem is usable? Yes.

People can use sunflower stems to create fuel. They can also be used to make paper pulp and textile fibers.


The leaves are also one of the sunflowers parts. These are notable for their huge size with the shape of a heart. The leaf edges are serrated, resembling a saw blade. 

Like the stem, they have the protection of tiny stiff hairs fully covering the surface. These tiny hairs are light green but appear darker over the top.

A sunflower baby or other types of sunflowers possess smaller leaves, about a coin size. Meanwhile, other sunflower types feature larger leaves around the size of a person’s head.

All sunflowers’ leaves are similar in the dark green area.


The plant seeds, also regarded as pipes, shouldn’t be left out. These pipes are located in the brown head center.

They are a tasty snack, and at the same time, people can use them to extract oil. Sunflower seeds are essentially a type of achene. It means they are classified as dry fruit.

When people shell sunflower seeds, they should remain the pipes or the nucleus of sunflowers. They are edible.

Sunflowers appear to be simple big flowers when you first encounter them. However, they are plants with many usages.

What Is The Center Of Sunflower Called?

what do you call the center of a sunflower
Center Of Sunflower Called

The large flower head of the plant is densely packed with florets. Ray florets are known as sterile florets located on the outside.

Meanwhile, disk florets are situated in the dark center with female and male reproductive organs.

These florets will turn into seeds and fruits in the future. Let’s get more information about what the center of the sunflower called below.

Disk Flowers 

The dark sunflower center is formed by disk flowers with 5 brown petals merged together to form a shape of a tube. Disk flowers have both female stigmas and male stamens.

The anthers which make up the stamen will create pollen while the filament carries nutrients to the anthers. The stigma contains the style.

It will obtain pollen and let it move down to the ovary, where there are unfertilized seeds or ovules.

People regard it as pollination that allows flowers to generate seeds. Both wildlife and humans enjoy sunflower seeds as a snack.

Some people store sunflower seeds and plant them the following year to produce a new crop.

Ray Flowers

The outside ring of the sunflower head is basically yellow. They are usually incorrectly referred to as yellow petals. However, these yellow fragments are, in fact, independent ray flowers.

They lack reproductive organs and, as a result, do not grow into seeds. Ray flowers play an important role in drawing pollinators’ attention to disk flowers.

Besides, they also provide an attractive appearance to the plant.

What Can We Do With Different Parts Of Sunflower?

what is the center of a sunflower called
Different Parts Of Sunflower

For culture, the yellow sunflower was adopted as a sign by the Incas, Otomi, and Aztecs to represent the different sun gods. Besides, the sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower.

They are also known as the biggest production of sunflower seeds.

For food and drink, sunflower seeds are turned into sunflower oil, a low-cost oil for cooking. It is rich in unsaturated fats. Also, they are used as a snack, both roasted and roar.

Moreover, they can be transformed into sunflower butter. It can be an alternative to peanut butter. Plus, Margarine may be made from sunflower oil.

Several Native North American tribes used crushed sunflower seeds to manufacture bread-like goods.

Another noticeable thing is that sunflowers can attract big-eyed bugs, which feed on squash bug eggs. It could be used to avoid some bugs you don’t like.


What Are Tiny Flowers In The Centre Of The Sunflower Head Called?

A yellow sunflower seems to be a single enormous bloom, yet each head is made up of many smaller flowers known as florets.

They will mature to form seeds. The exterior florets (named ray florets) resemble yellow and are sterile. Central florets (disk florets) occupy the middle of the circular head.

What Is The Center Part Of A Sunflower Called ?

The brown flower center is made up of small flowers. They are called disk flowers. Meanwhile, the surrounding petals are known as ray florets.

Can You Eat The Middle Of A Sunflower?

The middle of a sunflower is disk florets. They will form sunflower seeds that are edible. Some people prefer eating whole seeds salted, seasoned, and roasted in shells.

However, the shells must be thrown out and not edible.


The center of sunflower called disk florets are edible when they turn into seeds. Besides, there are a wide range of sunflower usages.

They can offer us aesthetic sunflower decor and the material for cooking. They are also snacks and the national flower of Ukraine.

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