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Which Differences Between Cleveland Pear VS Bradford Pear?

Cleveland pear vs Bradford pear has some outstanding features that have been attracting people recently, especially in the European areas and even in the United States.

Gardeners should know how to grow, soil types for the pears, the phenomenon of invasive trees, and how to have pear-shaped leaves, which helps to ensure the entire development of the Cleveland pear tree vs Bradford pear.

Compare The Shape Of Cleveland Pear VS Bradford Pear

cleveland pear vs bradford pear
Cleveland Pear VS Bradford Pear

Short answer: The native plants for the pears originate from Korea or Japan (named ornamental trees), owning glossy green leaves with huge white blossoms in springs.

Both Cleveland pear vs Bradford pear belong to the new gen of ornamental trees, getting different features in sizes and shapes during the development cycle.

Shape Of Cleveland Pears

The Cleveland pears own thirty to forty feet tall and are formed naturally in an oval shape when maturing after many years.

They also attain 15 feet wide on average, and there is almost no expansion in Cleveland’s size in the future if they mature at all.

The Cleveland tolerates damage from external environmental factors better than the Bradford because Cleveland pears are strongly compacted in shape.

These pears’ moderate size and shape are attributed to common reasons, restricting severe weather such as winds, storms, or typhoons over time.

In spite of that, the Cleveland pear tree still gets a short lifespan if there are no right prevention methods, especially in the tree branches.

Shape Of Bradford Pears

The Bradford pears (another name for Callery pear trees) can develop to 30 to 50 feet and spread in the width of 20 to 30 feet. This proves that Bradford owns the bigger or larger shape than Cleveland pears.

Leaves from the parent trees of Bradford pears are formed in oval shapes, with rounded teeth and lengthening to 3 inches feet.

Another standing feature of Bradford is the change of leaves’ brilliant color between seasons, such as red, orange, gold, pink, green, purple etc.

The barks are smooth and have gray-brown colors, then turn black and split into scale with their age over time.

The difference in the size and shape of Bradford pear vs Cleveland pear is insignificant (similarly feature differences when compared between Japanese maple and Chinese maple).

People can prefer their favorite heights for the pears to buy the most suitable kind of pear.

Comparison Between Structure Of Cleveland Pear Tree VS Bradford Pear

Short answer: Structures from the native trees have remarkable changes to create the Cleveland pear vs Bradford pear.

This does not mean that both these kinds of pears own the completely same structure in reality.

Cleveland pear trees develop a stronger branch structure and match the landscape industry’s development better than the Bradford pear trees.

Below are some basic evaluations of the flower color, glossy leaves, and mainstream branches of them.

Main Branch Structure

There is a genetic flaw in the branch structure of the Bradford pear tree, which narrows the connection between the branches and the trunk.

This means that when the branches get a dramatic increase in girth, all tree points will be weakened in their weight-maintaining ability.

People must be careful to fix these problems before and after natural disasters (ice, snow, and high winds) to restrict the situation of splitting the tree in two or three.

By contrast, the entire Cleveland pear’s branches are closer and more evenly spaced with each other.

It may be advantageous for the Cleveland line to keep the branch structure better under the impact of severe weather.

Flower Color And Shape Of Leaves

Bradford Pear Flower
Bradford Pear Flower

The spring is a good time for invasive plant species due to the good humidity level and not being seriously sunny.

This is not the exception for the Cleveland pear vs Bradford pear; therefore, people easily catch the pear flowers blooming profusely in this period.

The flower color gets strong tones ranging from red to purple; however, their smell can annoy people.

The Cleveland line tends to bloom more beautifully than the Bradford line and maintains for a longer time.

Both Bradford and Cleveland pears own the red, purple, and orange leaves in the fall and the green tone of the leaves in the remaining seasons.

Many people prefer the Bradfords as the vibrant symbol in the autumn of the two above. 

Necessary Information About Growth Conditions Of Pears

When growing the pears from viable seeds, people should take some knowledge of their living conditions and how to restrict wind storms or wind damage. 

It would be better for both the pears’ lifespan and saving money and time for the gardeners to take care of. There is some essential information listed below:

  • Sunlight covering standards: Plant the pears under the full sun, not the serious lightning level. In nature, the Cleveland line does not develop well under heavy shade. Please put or grow them in a minimal afternoon shade location, which may be helpful over time.
  • Water amount – The Cleveland and Bradford pears need to be provided with a moderate water amount in the first season, exactly about 30 minutes per week. People then can put little water for the matured lines of pears, which aims to maintain the nutrition-moving process occurring the best.
  • Soil application – Plant the pears in well-drained and not overly wet. Both Bradford and Cleveland pear trees can adapt to many soil types to expand tree populations; however, they still prefer well-draining loam in the long run.
  • Pruning steps – Pears hardly require running steps for their entire lifespan. There is always a rapid growth rate, which makes many people take the running to keep the pear’s perfect performance. If gardeners do not apply these solutions, it may not negatively impact the pears’ development.

Diseases And Pet Concerns When Growing Pears?

do cleveland pear trees smell
Diseases And Pet Concerns

The pears’ upward growth or unstable growth rate has no risk for many pets.

Most leaf spots from the Bradford and Cleveland lines can be detected on similar pear cultivars, which indicates no important problems to the pears at all times.

The firm terms of branch structure from these kinds of pears make them more cold-hardy, still surviving in USDA Hardiness Zones from May to September.

Please note that the pears’ strong smell does not mean they are damaged or injured from pet problems.

The smell comes from the naturally transforming process in the lifespan, which is required for all lines of pears worldwide.


Are Cleveland Pears Similar To Bradford Pears?

Surely no. There are many differences between Cleveland and Bradford pear trees, such as the size of fertile seeds, how to shade trees, branch structures, leaves, flowers, etc.

People should differentiate the kinds of pears to adopt suitable prevention solutions, which help strengthen the lifespan.

Which Is The Best Kind Of Pear For People To Enjoy?

People prefer the beauty of pears’ flowers; they choose the Cleveland or Bradford pear trees for growing.

Regarding the agricultural fields, purchasing one of the five pears listed is one of the best selections, including Bartlett, Baldwin, Kieffer, Pineapple, and Asian pears. 

All of them are evaluated highly for their smell and quality.

What is Another Name For Cleveland And Bradford Pear?

Bradford pears are also called Pyrus Calleryana’ (in North Carolina) or Callery pear trees.

Regarding the Cleveland pear trees, there is hardly another name for them, which is advantageous for people not to get confused when searching for information or buying them.


The main differences between Cleveland pear vs Bradford pear trees are explained in detail in the article above.

All of the outstanding features of both kinds of pears originate from the Ornamental landscape trees, then developing and benefiting them effectively to bring more beautiful gens of pears in nature.

If people have any questions about making the landscape design of pears or how to do selective breeding, please contact the professional staff for this field.

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