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  • What Happens If-You Eat A Rotten Avocado

    What Happens If You Eat A Rotten Avocado – Your Complete Guide

    So, what happens if you eat a rotten avocado? Avocados are high in nutrients and offer several health advantages. However, eating rotting avocados might make you sick. If you suspect the avocado is rotting, discard it. Also, it cannot retain the fresh taste when being overripe. Don’t allow eating a bad avocado to bring you down! The below will explain…

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  • aphids on kale

    Aphids On Kale Safe to Eat or Not? — A Short Guide

    If you’ve ever noticed small bugs crawling on your kale, you may be wondering if it’s safe to eat. They’re most likely aphids! Aphids are common pests on many types of produce, including kale. You can find these bugs on kale from stores and in the garden. So, are aphids on kale safe to eat? Aphids on kale While it…

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  • Pepper Plant Leaves with black spots

    Tiny Black Spots on Pepper Plant Leaves: What Are the Causes & How to Treat Them

    Pepper plants can be grown in most climates, and they also don’t require you to have a lot of skills to keep them healthy. It’s why many people grow peppers in their gardens as a hobby! But many people grow peppers as an income source, too … depending on where you are and the amount you raise, a quality crop…

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