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How To Deadhead Butterfly Bush? – Simple Guidance For You

The question seems confusing to many people: How to deadhead butterfly bush?

If you also struggle with the same problem, this article will be a perfect site by providing much information about the deadheading process and some caring tips.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

About The Butterfly Bush

how to deadhead butterfly bush

There are numerous alternative names surrounding this plant, like the summer lilac or the genius Buddleia Davidii.

It is a perennial and deciduous shrub, and you can easily come across this plant in the United States, although it is not native to this region.

The butterfly bush grows quickly with masses of peak blooms and spiked trusses. It is normally 15 feet tall and can even extend to 20 feet under a favorable temperature, like colder climates.

Its colors are diverse, ranging from pink, dark purple to pure white. In some hot areas, many people report seeing the Buddleia leaves turning red and gold.

As its name suggests, the plant appeals to a large number of adult butterflies to suck the nectar out.

Its sweet scent also attracts other beneficial insects, such as spider mites or honeybees, but you still should be careful when approaching this colorful flower.

Should You Deadhead Butterfly Bush?

Absolutely yes.

There are several reasons why the butterfly bush should be cut off frequently. One of the common ones is to catch dead branches and blossoms, leading to more prolific blooms in the next season.

It is highly recommended that you should deadhead butterfly bush after it flowers. Thanks to this, I find it easier to control their blossoms’ growing rate and prevent them from being too ripe.

Another important rationale is that the Buddleia is a fast-growing creature.

As invasive species, it could jeopardize the native vegetation’s healthy growth, so tending them is a feasible solution to stop this terrible predicament.

In other words, if gardeners could control these plants’ invasion, the appearance and health of others can be protected effectively, making your garden lusher.

How To Deadhead Butterfly Bush?

should you deadhead butterfly bush

First, you should mark the flower, reach the deadheading site, wear gloves, take gardening scissors, and disinfect all the tools. The final step is to cut the butterfly bush.

Below are detailed instructions on deadheading butterfly bushes to which you should pay close attention.

Step 1: Mark The Flower To Be Deadheaded

Check for faded and dead flowers. You can notice them easily via the dark-shaded colors or spiked trunks that are not lush compared to others.

Step 2: Reach The Deadheading Site

After pinpointing the butterfly bush’s position, narrow down this area as soon as possible. You don’t want to prune and cut off green stems and flower buds, right?

This act could wreak havoc on their photosynthetic process, even resulting in their death.

Step 3: Opt For The Suitable Equipment

Preparing the necessary equipment is the most important step. Commonly, experienced gardeners choose gardening scissors as their helpful device.

If you don’t have one, it is recommended to purchase them immediately, which are relatively cheap and convenient for regular garden grooming.

Don’t forget to wear protective garments as well, such as safety gloves or glasses. During the process, your eyes could be injured by some left leaves, and insects may also bite your hands.

Step 4: Disinfect The Chosen Devices

After choosing the needed equipment, you must clean it. You can wash these devices under tap water, but experts advise you to use ethanol, which makes them cleaner.

Don’t skip this step at all costs. Dirty equipment could put your health at risk if you, unfortunately, get injured during the deadheading procedure.

Step 5: Place The Cut

Point the gardening scissors or knives toward the pre-selected site. Then, use your force to cut the butterfly bush.

It is advisable to use left Buddleia Davidii plants as compost, a rich nitrogen source, or place them indoors in the bouquet. Good luck!

How To Cater For The Butterfly Bush After Deadheading It?

deadhead butterfly bush

Here are some tips you can use to care for your Buddleia plant:

  • Avoid fertilizing the butterfly bush. After deadheading, it becomes fragile, and excess fertility level could also promote leaf growth more than flower production.
  • Remove some left flower heads after major pruning with the purpose of encouraging new buds and shoots.
  • Purchase compost and apply a 2- to 3-inch layer of this mixture at between 2 and 4 inches of depth. Doing so helps retain the necessary moisture and control the weeds’ invasion.
  • Give the butterfly weed more water, yet you should adjust the amount if that week has greater rainfall than usual.
  • If you want to keep this layer of mulch throughout the winter, it is advisable to spread it around the trunk with a depth of roughly 6 inches.
  • Take out some rugged trunks and diseased branches.
  • Avoid placing the Buddleia plants that have already been deadheaded in deeply shaded areas but under great sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Cut The Buddleia Back After Flowering?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, cutting the Buddleia Davidii after they flower helps prevent them from being too ripe, and gardeners also gain much control over the green growth.

What Plants Should Not Be Deadheaded?

Some low-maintenance plants don’t require much care, so there is no need to deadhead them frequently.

Many are called self-cleaning plants that could continue to flower even if their owners have not already removed the old blooms. A list of vegetation is presented as follows:

  • Sedum
  • Joe Pye weed
  • Fan flower head
  • Plant Lavender
  • Ligularia
  • Baptisia flower
  • Hibiscus viable seed
  • New Guinea Impatiens
  • Begonias…

There are also some individual flowers that keep blooming all summer, so deadheading is just needed to keep them tidy.

The wide variety of trees can be enumerated, including Geraniums, Calibrachoa, Peonies, rose cane, etc.

When Should The Buddleia Get Cuttings?

The butterfly bushes are propagated by softwood or greenwood cuttings in early summer or during the mid – summer period.

At that time, they have rooted readily, so softwood cuttings are perfectly suitable. You can try hardwood cutting or intense pruning in cold climates, such as autumn and late winter.

The Bottom Line

There you have it – the guide on how to deadhead butterfly bush.

In addition, I also present more information about the caring tips and the time you should cut back the Buddleia within a year. Save these notes, as they may come in handy.

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!

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