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How To Germinate Sunflower Seeds In Paper Towel? Simple Guide

How to germinate sunflower seeds in paper towel? This is the top searched question-related to the best way to propaganate sunflower seeds.

Here we explain why the method is better than direct sowing, how to do it, and provide all the best tips with super detailed sharing about this flower plant.

You can do it in your sleep even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Let’s get to the details of the wonderful post!

Why Choose To Germinate Sunflower Seeds?

how to germinate sunflower seeds in paper towel
The Cause Chose To Germinate Sunflower Seeds

Better Control

Choose to germinate sunflower seeds paper towel because it gives the owner control of growing conditions.

You can measure how much water, direct light, and indirect light your seeds need. As a result, the owner has more opportunities to grow mature, healthy sunflowers.

This method does not apply to sunflowers only. It works when you germinate zucchini seeds paper towel too.

Prevent damage.

Germinating sunflower seeds paper towel method helps to repel seed damage easier. 

When you throw the seeds on the ground or even under the soil, you expose them to the natural weather, which can be harsh. Some insects may lurk around.

Other animals may pay attention to your seeds to feast on them. By germinating seeds in a paper towel, you have enough space and conditions to guard them against these potential threats.

Better Demonstration For Education Purposes

Germinating a seed in paper towel is one of the best ways to demonstrate wet paper towel seed germination for your audiences like your children or students.

Relaxing Time

Lastly, germinating seeds in paper towel allows you to witness your sunflower sprout and develop from day one, which is so healing and helps you get back to nature.

That is why many people, not only gardeners, prefer germinating seeds in paper towel vs soil.

How To Germinate Sunflower Seeds In Paper Towels?

germinate sunflower seeds paper towel
Sunflower Seed Sire In Paper Towels


  • Garden Tools: shovel, a watering can, and a spray bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Sunflower seeds (new batch of seed)
  • Ziploc bags
  • Water bowl
  • Coffee filters/Newsprint

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace

To germinate seeds in paper towel, the first step is to display everything you need to sprout seeds in paper towel in front of you.

Check the number again, so you don’t lack anything when you focus on your meticulous work.

Besides, you need a flat and clean surface. It can be the cement surface on the ground, a countertop, or a table. Put all stuff you need there so that you can access it whenever it is in need.

Step 2: Put Your Sunflower Seeds In The Water Bowl

Choose the number of seeds you want to germinate seeds on paper towel. You may need some extra seeds to back up as there is a small chance that some of them do not germinate.

Then, soak the sunflower seeds. The ideal period of time is about 24 hours. But if you buy the seeds from a seed company, do as instructed in the seed packet.

The soaking is for softening the sunflower seeds and making these seeds on paper towel easier to germinate.

Step 3: Prepare The Damp Paper Towel

Take out one of your prepared paper towels, and make it wet, not soaking. Just lightly damp is fine. Please pay attention to not excess water so that you don’t see it drip.

Step 4: Spread Out The Sunflower Seeds On The Prepared Paper Towel

Take out the sunflower seeds from the bowl and put them on the prepared wet towel. Place in a half part of the paper only.

You need to space the seeds on the wet towel evenly. There should be gaps among them.

Then, you fold the other half. Press down a bit so that your seeds can be in touch with the water from the towel.

Step 5: Put The Seeds Into The Ziplock Bag

Then, put your folded towel into the prepared ziplock bag. Seal it incompletely. Leave a gap for air circulation.

Step 6: Keep The Seed Bag In A Cool, Dark Location

Choose a dark, warm location to preserve it. A drawer or cupboard could work.

Check your paper towel seed daily and ensure it is not dried out. When you feel dryness, use the spray bottle to water it. Some drops of water are more than enough.

Step 7: Check The Results

Enjoy your results after 3-7 days when you see a small break at the seed coats, tiny green leaves (true leaves), the baby plant, and the white roots in every seed you put the effort in.

It is worth noting that the germination time will vary, depending on the types of seeds, the temperature, and the moisture level it requires.

Then, you take out your newsprint or coffee filter paper.

It will help grow these seeds on the ground by wrapping them to form protection so that your fragile plant has enough time to develop well before it can face other harsh weather conditions.

What To Do After Seeds Sprout In Paper Towel?

seed in paper towel
After Seeds Sprout In Paper Towel

What do you do after germinating seeds in paper towels? Well, the first thing you should do is pull out a bottle of wine.

Congrats, you have the sprouting seeds in paper towel. Now, roll your sleeves and come closer to your dream sunflower plants!

Step 1: Prepare A Pot/Container/Garden Bed.

Pick a pot/container/garden bed you like your flower to grow. 

It will grow big in the mature stage, especially giant sunflowers, so the holder needs to adapt to that need. Choose your preferable growing media and fill up the container.

After that, you water it. We need it in damp conditions. Please don’t make it soaking wet.

Step 2: Transfering The Sprouts To The Pot/Container

Prepare a pair of tweezers to transfer these sprouted seeds. Be double careful, as it is pretty fragile and delicate.

Take it near the pot/container so that even if there is any mistake, you eliminate the odds that it is falling out on the ground, which is harder to pick up again.

Step 3: Sow The Sunflower Seeds On The Well-Drained Soil

Create a hole about ½ to 1 inch deep in your growing media or soil. Then you place each seed in that well-drained soil gently.

You need to do a small press so that the seeds stay put in soil.

Step 4: Water Your Seeds

Water your seeds when you see dry soil. Even if the plant is drought-tolerant, in this germination period, it needs more water.

But, you don’t want to water too much as it causes waterlogging and makes the roots die before they can catch the breath of new life.

Besides, you should not use tap water as it may contain chemicals causing harm for your seeds. Distilled/ filtered water will be best.

Step 5: Put The Container/Pot In A Suitable Place

Sunflowers love the sun, as its name says. So look for a sun-kissed spot.

If you grow it inside your house, near the window is more recommended. Don’t forget to use the grow light to add more light to it.

Step 6: Fertilizing

When it is at the growing stage, like it has more leaves or buds, that is the time it needs more nutrients.

Also, the plant is one of the heavy feeders.

So, don’t forget to buy organic fertilizer and use the right amount to protect the environment, as chemical fertilizer and excessive amounts can lead to the dangerous greenhouse effect.

Step 7: Wait To Admire The Beautiful Sunflowers

Now, it is time to wait for the beautiful flower. The flower will be at continuous blooms status, so, be prepared to enjoy.

Late spring is considered the best time to germinate and grow your sunflowers, as there is no danger of frost damaging your sprout and plant.

You can apply the amazing idea of germination to some other expensive seeds, like hibiscus seeds, tomato seeds, apple seeds, cilantro seeds, eggplant seeds, pepper seeds, or even vegetable seeds or other flower seeds or larger seeds or Microgreens seeds or heritage seeds.


That is everything about how to germinate sunflower seeds in paper towel. We hope that you find the article helpful and have all the healthy, long-lived sprouts and beautiful blossom sunflowers.

Don’t forget to send us some pics of when it germinated and produced flowers. We’d love to share compliments on your garden journey.

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