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Types of Maple Trees in Ohio That You Must Know

Visitors to the Buckeye State in the fall are always amazed by the beauty of maple trees.

Besides Red Maple, the most common species in the United States, there are many other types of maple trees in Ohio, from the native Sugar Maple to the imported Norwich Maple.

This article will lead you through all of them and highlight their significance to the ecosystem and people.

Introduction To Maple Trees In Ohio

types of maple trees in ohio

Maple Trees and Their Characteristics

Maple trees can be recognized by their distinctive palmate-shaped leaves with 3-5 lobes and a beautiful green shade that changes to brilliant crimson, orange, or yellow colors in the fall.

The bark surface is rough gray or brown, with fissures or ridges. They contribute to visually appealing landscapes by producing 1-2 inch long winged seeds known as samaras.

As deciduous trees, they shed their leaves in the autumn, providing magnificent scenes when the entire forest changes hue at the same time.

This seasonal display attracts admiration from nature enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Significance of Maple Trees in Ohio

Ecologically, they provide valuable habitat and food sources for numerous birds, insects, and wildlife species.

Their spreading branches give shelter, while their seeds, blossoms, and maple sap contribute to the food chain.

Maple trees have long been celebrated in Ohio’s traditions and industries. The state’s maple syrup industry is growing, ranking among the top regions in the United States.

Visitors usually come to the festivals and sugarhouses to witness the process of tapping, collecting sap, and transforming it into a sweet amber liquid.

In addition, maple wood is highly valued in industries that contribute significantly to Ohio’s economy.

It is desirable for a variety of applications due to its strength, durability, attractive grain patterns, and smooth texture.

Common Types Of Maple Trees In Ohio

Sugar Maple Tree

The Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) is a notable and highly valued tree in Ohio and North America.

It is famous for its stunning fall colors, which paint landscapes in shades of brilliant oranges, fiery reds, and golden yellows.

Sugar Maple leaves have 5 distinct lobes that give them a hand-like appearance. Along with its aesthetic attractiveness, it is highly regarded for its sap, which is used for maple syrup production.

The state’s favorable climate and fertile soil provide an optimal environment for the Sugar Maple to flourish, making it one of its most iconic symbols.

Red Maple Tree

You will notice the Red Maple (Acer rubrum) virtually everywhere when visiting Ohio. It has the adaptability to various soil conditions and spectacular autumn canopy.

Generally, the leaves have 3 lobes and transition from green to reddish hues, creating a remarkable visual contrast against the scenery.

This tree also produces small scarlet flowers in the early spring, enhancing its beauty.

The versatility and aesthetic allure of the Red Maple make it a popular choice in the Buckeye state.

Silver Maple Tree

Another native maple species, the Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum), is known for its rapid growth and hardiness.

It is distinguished by the silver undersides of its leaves, which produce a shimmering effect when ruffled by the wind.

Its foliage is larger and verdant than usual. Its adaptability to humid environments and fast growth rate time make it an excellent choice for sowing in areas where other trees may struggle.

The Silver Maple helps the state increase forest cover, providing a better environment for people.

Less Common Types Of Maple Trees In Ohio

ohio maple trees

Boxelder Maple Tree

The Boxelder Maple (Acer negundo) is a less popular but special species. Its 3-7 leaflets make up unique compound leaves.

The Boxelder Maple is typically smaller than others and usually gets from 30-50 feet in height. Although not as well-known for its fall foliage, it can still exhibit yellow and orange hues.

It is a resilient tree that can tolerate a variety of soil types and is commonly found along riverbanks and in moist soil areas.

Black Maple Tree

Ohio is home to another notable variety of maple trees, the Black Maple (Acer nigrum). It resembles the Sugar Maple closely and shares many of its characteristics.

However, its leaves tend to be darker, giving it that name. Its autumn foliage features a breathtaking amber shade.

The Black Maple can reach heights of 70-100 feet, while its canopy can span 2-3 feet wide.

Its wood is firm and hard, making it a valuable material in producing furniture, flooring, and musical instruments.

Amur Maple Tree

The Amur Maple (Acer ginnala) is a beautiful ornamental tree in Ohio. Although not native to the region, it is frequently cultivated for its aesthetic value.

The Amur Maple has a rounded form and foliage with a fine texture. In autumn months, its leaves turn deep shades of vermillion, producing a vibrant display.

This variety is valued for its adaptability to thrive in adverse conditions and tolerance to harsher climates. Its small size makes it a popular choice for urban and residential landscaping.

Rare Types Of Maple Trees In Ohio

different maple tree

Mountain Maple Tree

Mountain Maple (Acer spicatum) is a distinct species growing in only a few areas. It is typically found in higher elevations and cooler climates like the Appalachian Mountains.

It is a small tree that is only 20-30 feet tall with several stems. Its leaves have 3 lobes and serrated edges, and in the fall, they turn vivid hues like a sunset sky.

Mountain Maple wood is well regarded for its tight grain and strength, which is ideal for wood carvings.

Norway Maple Tree

The Norway Maple is a rare kind of maple tree whose name reflects its origin. It was introduced to the United States as an ornamental tree from Europe but has naturalized in some locations.

It has big, dark green leaves with 5-7 lobes and a distinctive milky sap. Its autumn foliage color ranges from yellow to reddish-orange.

While the Norway Maple is an excellent shade tree with the capacity to thrive in the city, it is also considered invasive in some areas.

As it can outcompete native species, measures are being taken to manage and control its spread.


Are All Maple Tree Species Native To Ohio?

No, not all the varieties are native to Ohio.

While certain species are indigenous to the region, such as the Sugar Maple and Red Maple, others, like the Norway Maple and Amur Maple, are introduced from other parts of the world.

How Can I Identify Different Maple Tree Species In Ohio?

You can start by observing the foliage of different species of maple trees in Ohio. Take note of the number of lobes, shape, and color of the leaves.

Additionally, you should examine the bark, tree size, and overall growth habit. You can also seek the expertise of a local arborist or horticulture to help you identify certain types of maple trees.

Can I Grow Maple Trees In My Own Backyard In Ohio?

Yes, you can plant them in your garden.

However, it is recommended to consider space requirements, a suitable location with sunlight and well-drained, moist soil, and consult local experts for guidance on tree selection and care.


Outdoor enthusiasts must familiarize themselves with the various types of maple trees in Ohio.

Having a proper knowledge of them and the values they bring to the Buckeye State can help individuals gain a deeper appreciation and contribute to the preservation of a healthy ecosystem.

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