What To Do With Dried Mint For Daily Demand?

If you have mint plants, you should get useful tips on what to do with dried mint to take advantage of them. Dry mint leaves are considered wonderful and multi-functional products to adopt daily.

You should also know how to have the preliminary treatment with bunches of mint to prepare for different uses for dried mint, if any.

Below are detailed instructions relating to the air-drying process of types of mint and their benefits for you.

What To Do With Dried Mint For Daily Demand?

what to do with dried mint

You can be free to overview your necessary demands to take advantage of simple processes from dry mint effectively. Including: 

Dried Mint Uses In Cooking 

Using dried mint helps your dishes bring a distinctive flavor, which has gained popularity in different cultures since ancient times.

Most recipes for adding dry mint varieties are originally from South Asian areas, covering a sweet flavor and a refreshing feeling of aftertaste.

Curries, stews, or casseroles are three famous dishes supported by dried mint, which allows these dishes to keep the smell for a couple of hours.

You can try dry mint powder for your salads, soups, fruits, cooked vegetables, or yogurt, which is one of the safest options if you are not an experienced cook of this flavor.

There are common kinds of dry mint leaves, including:

  • Spearmint leaves are normally used in Mediterranean recipes, with an outstanding combination of sweet and mild flavors. 
  • Peppermint leaves are the main ingredient in a cookie sheet, especially cooked dishes with a fully mentholated flavor. 
  • Orange mint leaves are ideal ingredients for sweet dishes, including fresh fruits and yogurts, with a comfortable perfume and a strong citrus flavor.

Dried Mint Leaves Uses In Making Tea 

Many people select green leaves from mint plants to make tea on a daily basis. Nevertheless, you should buy or get dried mint from the best stores for a better experience.

This can explain why the drying time for mint leaves to serve the tea-drinking demand is pretty strict.

If you do not know how to modify the temperature level or control the number of mints, the final dried products’ quality can be seriously impacted.

You can follow the simple process of having mint tea below:

  • First, select suitable kinds of dried mints that you prefer (spearmint, moldy mint, chocolate mint, orange mint, peppermint, and ginger mint)
  • Second, put dried mint leaf teaspoons into metal tea balls, then step them in the respective number of cups of boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • Finally, put cup lips on the cups to keep the mint tea’s flavor better and maintain the tea warm.

Aromatic Mint Scents From Dried Mint 

The fresh mint fragrance is relatively strong but special; therefore, selecting dried mint to scent your space, home, and workplace is one wonderful idea.

Aromatic mint scents are ideal when expanding in the summer months because they bring cool feelings to you.

By contrast, using dry mint leaves in colder months is not favored for everyone, especially in Middle Eastern areas.

You should make reference to some kinds of dried mints, including warm apple mints, dehydrated mints, orange mints, or chocolate mints for scenting your space.

They are all highly recommended and evaluated products from experienced users.

Keep Pets Away By Dried Mint 

The norm of scattering dried mints around your home to keep you and your family from pests started in the past centuries.

Many gardeners also use dried mint to protect your plants, fruits, and other farming products from attacking insect pests on a daily basis.

Peppermint is the most popular mint because its scents can repel ants, fleas, mice, and flies effectively. You also buy dried spearmint leaf sachets available to keep moths away from your clothes.

How To Dry Fresh Mint For Dried Mint 

dry mint uses

Knowing “what to do with dried mint?” is the basis for you to choose the right way to have dried mint leaves the best.

There are three methods relating to the process of drying fresh mint leaves, such as using a warm oven, dryer, and air-drying solutions.

You must wash the number of mints collected with cold water, not hot water, which will get rid of all germs or black spots on the leaves.

Then, you put all remaining mint leaves on the dehydrator tray before starting the drying process. In particular:

Use An Oven For Drying Mint 

You put all the mint leaves on the baking tray (lined with parchments), but you must have space to remove the air to circulate during the drying process.

You start putting the tray at the lowest temperature (preferring under 200ºF/95ºC) to restrict the risks of black, cooked, or brown mints.

Depending on the temperature level installed before, it takes you the amount of time to dry mint leaves.

In the final step, you should have a wooden spoon to take the mint leaves to prevent serious damage to the heat.

Remember to leave them at the normal temperature for about one hour before putting them in the glass containers.

Use A Dryer For Drying Mint 

The temperature is important information you should consider when using a dryer for mint leaves. Maining the level of 40°C/105°F for two to five hours is ideal for completing the entire process.

You only see that the leaves are crumbling to pieces, which means they are attaining the standard to use.

Use A Traditional Method For Drying Mint

The traditional method, namely air-drying method, requires you to tie all mint leaves into one bouquet for drying.

First, you must hang the bouquet in a well-ventilated area (do not put it under direct sunlight) to ensure the best quality of dried leaves.

You continuously monitor the fresh mints during drying and collect them immediately if they have brown signals.


uses of dried mint leaves

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Dried Mint?

Dried mint leaves are really good for you to apply in life.

Some outstanding benefits they cover include increasing the dishes’ flavor, using a cup of mint leaves for drinking tea, restricting bad smells from their scents, and making some sweet products (mint chocolate chip ice cream, min fruit dishes,…) 

Are Dried Mint Leaves Good For You?

They benefit you a lot if you are not allergic to the mints’ smell. Nevertheless, you must know how to use dried mints and how to store them correctly to promote their values effectively.


We’ve just discussed “what to do with dried mint” in your life. All information can help give useful suggestions to take advantage of them during use.

Keep dried mint leaves ready anytime and anywhere to serve your demands better.

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