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When Are Figs In Season In Texas? 3 Tricks With Figs

Are you a fan of sweet and juicy figs? If you live in Texas or plan to visit this beautiful state, you should know – when are figs in season in Texas?

Figs are a seasonal treat, and their availability depends on various factors such as weather and location.

In my article, we’ll explore when to pick figs in Texas so that you can indulge in this delicious fruit at its peak.

When Are Figs In Season In Texas?

when are figs in season in texas

The answer to “When do figs ripen in Texas?” starts in May and lasts until September.

The exact timing of the ripening seasons can vary depending on the weather, but the main crop typically ripens in late June and continues through August.

Therefore, you should monitor harvesting a collection of fig trees in the late summer to get the best rich flavor.

The early crop can produce figs as large as 2 inches in diameter, making for a particularly bountiful harvest. Letting the figs ripen on the tree for optimal sweetness and flavor is important.

However, if you have deer or birds in your area, it’s a good idea to protect your fig tree with netting to prevent them from snacking on your precious fruit.

Like gardenias in Texas, figs always need careful care from experienced farmers to develop.

Which Common Kinds Of Figs Can Grow In Texas?

You can consider different varieties of fig trees to have better fresh eating experiences when staying in Texas.

They are Brown Turkey, O’Rourke, Haupt, Purple Passion, LSU Purple & Gold, and Blue Celeste Figs.

Most of them also turn to heavy crops in summer; therefore, you can take your time to enjoy them during this time. In particular: 

Brown Turkey 

Brown Turkey is known by another name, “Texas Everbearing.” This versatile fruit tree is a breeze to grow, whether cultivating it in a container or planting it directly in the ground.

As the figs become mature trees, they turn a deep, rich shade of brown and offer a flavor profile that will impress.

With its smaller stature, you can easily plant the Brown Turkey fig tree in your gardens and get two fair crops of medium to large fruit each year, even at a young age. This is an interesting experience for you!


Discover the indulgent flavor of the O’Rourke fig – a classic variety renowned for its exceptional taste. With fruits that grow on longer stalks, this fig tree is a true standout in any garden.

When perfectly ripe, the fruit boasts a stunning golden hue with a vibrant red center, signaling its harvest readiness.


Haupt figs develop from Germany to Kyle, boasting a steady crop from June through October. This allows you to have abundant crops from the late summer to early winter.

When fully ripe, the figs turn a beautiful pale yellow color, offering a delectable combination of sweetness and texture.

Haupt figs are not discovered whether they can live strongly outside the Texas Hill Country; however, they are extremely strong-living plants in this region.

Purple Passion 

These figs are known for their sweet and juicy flesh, with a deep purple color that is visually stunning and full of antioxidants.

Thanks to its warm and sunny climate, Texas is ideal for growing figs. The state’s soil also provides the perfect conditions for these figs to thrive, resulting in deliciously sweet and flavorful fruit.

Whether eaten fresh or used in recipes, purple passion figs from Texas are a must-try for anyone who appreciates the taste of fresh, locally-grown produce.


Celeste figs have thin skin and light pink flesh. They are known for their honey-like flavor and are often enjoyed fresh or dried.

Celeste figs are also rich in nutrients, including fiber, potassium, and antioxidants.

While they are typically harvested in late June and early July, their unique flavor and versatility make them a popular fruit year-round.

LSU Purple & Gold 

LSU Purple and Gold figs are new fig varieties in Texas that local farmers and shoppers highly prize. They can be found in many farmers’ markets and grocery stores.

Their unique coloration and delicious flavor make them a favorite among fresh, locally-grown produce fans.

3 Tips For Figs Gardeners Produce In Season Texas

plum season texas

Once you know when fig tree varieties produce in season Texas and which kinds of figs you enjoy, you must learn more about collecting them and follow some container gardening guides to store them effectively.

You can use these tips for similar plants or plants in regions like the Peony season in California. In particular:

Select Places To Grow

You must look for a spot that receives full sun for at least 6-8 hours daily, with morning sun being especially crucial to prevent rust disease. Give each tree enough space to grow 12-20 feet wide.

To protect against frost damage, plant them on the building’s south side to get more warmth in the cold weather. By following these guidelines, your trees will thrive and bring joy for years.

Keep Figs Grow

If you’re looking to maximize the fruit yield of your fig trees, it’s important to keep pruning to a minimum.

Heavy pruning, especially in winter, can reduce the output of mature Celeste trees in the spring.

We recommend that you focus on removing diseased or dead limbs during winter.

Fig trees thrive on regular composting, so consider applying a 2″ to 3″ layer of high-quality compost over the root zone during the ripening time, particularly if you have a freeze-sensitive variety.

Please add a layer of mulch to maintain even soil moisture during the hotter summer months. Remember that insects can damage any everbearing fig tree; thus, you must notice that.

Harvest Fig Season Texas 

To harvest figs in Texas, you always check the fig tree for ripeness. Figs should be soft to the touch and have slightly wrinkled skin.

You start to use pruning shears to carefully cut the figs from the tree, leaving a small stem attached. Please avoid pulling or twisting the figs, as this can damage the tree and cause the fruit to spoil.

Once harvested, store the figs in the refrigerator or use them immediately in recipes such as fig preserves, salads, or desserts.


what fruit is in season in texas right now

Which Places In Texas Can Figs Grow?

Figs can grow in many places in Texas, but they tend to do best in the southern and coastal regions of the state, where the climate is warm and humid.

Some of Texas’s top areas for fig cultivation include Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley.

What State Has The Most Figs?

California is the state that produces the most figs in the United States. California’s warm and dry climate and its fertile soil make it ideal for growing figs.

The top fig-producing areas in the state include the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley, and Coachella Valley.

Which Kind Of Fig Bring The Most Tasteful?

Some popular varieties known for their flavor include the Black Mission fig, the Brown Turkey fig, and the Kadota fig.

Ultimately, the best type of fig is a matter of personal preference, and it’s worth experimenting with different varieties to find the one you enjoy the most.


When are figs in season in Texas? After getting the right answer above, you can find it easy to enjoy their flavor and collect them for storage.

Figs have a wide variety to enjoy, which matches your taste. You can search for more information about other figs to understand this fruit in Texas better.

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