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When Are Pecans Harvested In Georgia? Origin And Common Types

All over the United States, you can find hundreds of varieties of pecans with different origins, shapes, colors, etc. Among them, Georgia is one of the regions famous for these trees.

This nut tree yields a great source of income for farmers in this region each year. When are pecans harvested in Georgia? What factors influence this harvest? Jump into the next sections to get the answer!

About Pecans In Georgia 

when are pecans harvested in georgia

Georgia is also home to the so-called “American nut” pecans and the most popular nuts in the world, including almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

Georgian pecans were initially introduced as a forestry crop, but it now seems that European importers are also interested in this tree.

Even though the nation has no commercial plantations, this nut is already processed for export to established markets, especially China and the EU.

The Origin

Before learning about when pecan season is in Georgia, you should take a look at the tree’s origin.

Like many other natural food sources, these trees originated as a wild species.

This is the sole nut indigenous to the Americas, originating in the American South, the American South Central Regions, and Mexico.

It makes sense that Native Americans were acquainted with pecans. The name “pecan” comes from an Algonquian phrase that meant “requiring a stone to crack.” 

This tree appealed to European settlers when they arrived in America. They quickly learned to appreciate the pecan’s versatility as a snack and baking ingredient.

Pros And Cons Of Growing Pecans

The primary factors restricting the growth of the business are the comparatively low yield of 1.5–2.0 tonnes per hectare. Besides, the lengthy 12- to 14-year wait before full fruiting is a real put-off.

Still, comparing pecans to walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, or pistachios, these other nut crops are more viable investment opportunities.

The process of processing and adapting it to Georgia’s climatic circumstances has succeeded. Additionally, the kernel yield for pecans is 55–58%, which is higher than that of walnuts.

Forecasts from pecan producers indicate that Georgia now has a potential to produce 150 tonnes of pecan nuts per year.

When do pecans fall in Georgia? It’s time to learn!

Common Types Of Pecans

Cape Fear

The flavor of Cape Fear type is above average and is lovely golden in color. It is one of the pecan varieties that bears fruit the earliest and frequently in the third harvest season.

Additionally, compared to other types, these trees are employed more in the candy industry. The kernels and the nut size are both of average size. Compared to most types, they have thinner shells. 


One of the top three varieties in terms of sales in the US is Desirable. In comparison to other varieties of pecan, it is regarded as the gold standard.

Despite being prone to Pecan Scab and other diseases, Desirable is the most widely produced cultivar in the US because of its high yield, dependability, and high-quality nut production.

The nuts are large, fully packed, and with a thin shell that is simple to shatter.


Around the country, commercial growers frequently cultivate Stuart. It is a superb and reliable producer, making it the top option for many farmers and pecan firms.

The nuts are about the same size as the Desirable. This one’s shell is thicker and firmer than most other varieties. The trees offer regular nut yields and require less maintenance than other different kinds.


Many nut lovers believe the Elliot variety has the best flavor. The shell is harder, thicker, and shaped like a teardrop.

The Elliot kernels are full. Because this variety has a greater-than-usual oil content, it tastes creamy and buttery, making it the most expensive variety of pecans.

As a result, specialty markets and gourmet food stores are the only places to find them.


The shell of Kiowa nut is thinner, beautiful, and well-filled. The hue of the kernels is darker than other types.

These nut trees are well-liked by home growers since they often start producing nuts in the fourth or fifth year. These trees are less tolerant to cold and require warm, humid climates for growth.

When Are Pecans Harvested In Georgia 

harvest pecan trees

The pecan harvesting season in Georgia is between October and December. Keep an eye out for nuts on the grass under the spread of the tree. This is the only indication that the nuts are ready to be harvested.

When Do Pecans Fall In Georgia?

When are pecans in season in Georgia? After the pecan trees bloom, it will yield nuts and ready to be picked up in October.

Some gardeners will spread old sheets or tarps under the trees so that the nuts are more noticeable when they land, but this method is only applicable for younger and smaller trees.

Nuts drop continuously during the pecan season in Georgia, so you have to check under the trees a couple of times daily to collect fallen stray pecans.

Harvest Mature Pecans

When are pecans in season? You have the answer. As soon as they are harvested, pecans should be dried.

And the first step is to remove the outer shells from the nuts. Many of the nuts’ hulls fall off independently, but you must remove any that do not. That’s why dry weather conditions are ideal for pecans.

Your nuts should be hulled before spreading them on a plastic sheet on a patio or other hard surfaces.

To ensure air can move freely between the nuts, stirring them at least once daily is the rule of thumb. Your pecans will need two to ten days to dry; test them by breaking open one.

Storing Pecans

After being deshelled and cured, the nuts should be stored in a dry and cool place. Put them in an air-tight container and place the container in your pantry (must be moisture-free and cool) or in the refrigerator.

The best storage method is to freeze them, enabling you to keep them in good condition for a long time.


pecan season georgia

Why Georgia Is Ideal For Pecans?

Hardiness zones 6 through 9 encompass Georgia and are suitable for the trees’ growth.

Currently, Georgia produces 88 million pounds of these nuts annually on average. This state is a fantastic site for a pecan tree to develop and flourish due to the temperature and rich soil.

These trees have been grown, cared for, and harvested for generations, creating a profitable industry that impacts the entire planet. Besides Georgia, pecan is also a popular nut tree in Pennsylvania.

What Causes Early Pecan Crop?

When is the best time to pick pecans? October to December! However, you can see the nut drop from August, so what happened?

The main factor that leads to early Georgia pecan season:

  • Shortage of nutrients: On densely loaded trees, nutrient deficiency will always be the largest threat. The nutrient-poor nuts that fall off are frequently excessively tiny on the basal or stem end. The most frequently lacking nutrients in pecans are zinc and nitrogen. 
  • Soil moisture stress: Small pecans that drop in great numbers in July and August result from a lack of water in the late spring or summer. Excessive soil saturation from rain might also result in nut drops and stress-related symptoms.

What Is The Fastest-Growing Pecan?

At full maturity, the Pawnee pecan tree can grow up to 20–30 feet tall and 15–25 feet wide. It is, therefore, perfect for tiny places.

This type grows moderately to quickly. It can grow between 12 and 24 inches a year.


When are pecans harvested in Georgia? It’s from October to December annually. However, this time can be affected significantly by nutrients or soil.

That’s why the growing conditions are essential to ensure the nut’s quality. You should care for your nut trees properly to ensure a fruitful crop.

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