When Is Peony Season In California? – Answered 2023

When is peony season in California? Summer, cold winter, or autumn?

Aside from the additional soil, air circulation, organic fertilizers and appropriate organic treatment options in planting, timing is no less important than these factors in cultivating your favorite flowers and Japanese plants.

That is why knowing the right season to take special care of the breed will never go redundant anyhow.

Let’s wait no longer but jump right into our article to grasp more on one of the most important factors to grow your tree Peony successfully!

When Is Peony Season In California?

when is peony season in california
Peony Season In California

When are peonies in season in California? 

The California peony’s blooming dormant period runs anywhere between December and May. Since this plant is a perennial, you may see it breeds continuously in dormant seasons.

Still, depending on the kind you opt to grow, the peony season California will conclude around June or about two months later, right when summer starts.

While some types continue to bloom far into the next season, many cultivars finish flowering even earlier, around May.

And the Northern California herbaceous peony is one of them that may need sooner looking after.

However, peonies season California’s limited supply and availability, which is mostly restricted to spring, is what increases its attractiveness, much like its conventional sibling, more frequently seen in Toichi Itoh peony bouquets.

So if you begin to encounter those fresh-cut peonies in California at a deep discount, don’t act so surprised. This is because that may be the time to go crazy Northern California peony hunting!

How Long Does The Peony Season Last?

You must have been familiar with hybrid peonies by their stunning appearance and captivating aroma.

Little did many may acknowledge this breed is also famous for having an unfavorably brief flowering period.

As such, several of the common cultivars only bloom for a week at most and up to a couple of days (estimated 10 days) if you can catch a stroke of luck.

The question here comes: How can you optimize the duration of its blooming?

The answer lies right in appropriate circumstances, which can lengthen the flowering interval of these tropical evergreen trees for a full couple of weeks (approximately two).

That means there is a particular range of requirements you have to fulfill, such as partial shade locations, protection from the sweltering afternoon sun.

And a small nitrogen boost through fertilization is also required to successfully keep this variety a life long mid-season bloomer.

It goes without saying that the less protection you offer for your peonies, the shorter season they will have to be at their best blossoming.

The good news is if you don’t have time to spare for so much effort, horticulturists have also bred peonies to create a novel species that can flourish over a more extended period of time.

With this peony variety, you can enjoy a whole month’s worth of entire flower arrangements because they can last anywhere between three and four weeks.

In case you still yearn for stunning blooms that last for months or a whole season, consider gardenia or jasmine.

Are Peonies Native To California?

do peonies grow in california
Peonies Are Indigenous To California

Do peonies grow in California? Yes. Peonies are indigenous to Asia, Europe, and Western North America, including California.

Although they are all called by one name, each kind will have somewhat distinctive characteristics according to the hot weather, warmer regions, and surroundings that their homeland features.

As for the California Peonies, they are normally 29-inch-tall evergreen perennial shrubs. These choice cut flowers with green foliage range from deep purple to crimson on perennial plants.

Some might even seem to have mysterious black flowers just because they are so dark.

If you are going on wild California white peonies hunting, go no further but arrive on meadows, slopes, and chaparrals all across the southwestern part of the state.

There are chances you will find not one but a whole sea of blossoming Paeonia – Peonies California if you are in the right season.

The first-year California peony is remarkably drought-tolerant when compared to contemporary hybrid pink peonies.

These underwater plants are extremely flexible, flourish in a range of acidic soil moist types, and grow best in partial hours of sunlight.

What Are The Best Types Of Peonies To Grow In California?

Say no more about the fact that the first-year California peony is the greatest kind of Peony to plant for spring bulbs in California.

These wildflowers with healthy foliage are ideally adapted to the dry, warm climate of the state, despite them not being as showy as hybrid types.

California peonies are also extremely low-maintenance when used in urban landscaping, and as native excellent background plants, they benefit neighborhood pollinators and the environment as a whole.

But aside from them, what are the others that can grow in the harsh conditions, warmer climate, and extreme temperatures of this very land? 

The list of beautiful peony alternatives goes on with some following cultivars such as Phoenix White, Keiko, Coral Terrace, Buckeye Belle, Misaka, Julia Rose, and Alice Harding.

These peonies all share certain common points, including easy-to-adapt temperature for growth and the characteristics of hardy or drought-tolerant plants that fit nicely with a wide range of settings.

How To Grow Peonies in California

As we mentioned earlier, since California is home to California peonies (Paeonia Californica), as its name refers, it costs you no effort growing peonies in southern California with this sunny weather year-round.

Yet, in case you still wish to be sure about the success rate of your gardening, here is a detailed guide to follow:

Tip 1: Choose single or semi-double petal, early flowering herbaceous perennials cultivars.

Tip 2: Pick a spot in your landscape where your massive blooming flowers can receive enough 6 hours of hot afternoon sun every day.

But there should also be afternoon shade during the hottest part of the day in the hot summer.

Tip 3: Try to avoid picking a location where a tree’s roots may fight against your Peony over water, direct sunlight, and sufficient nutrients.

Tip 4: Rich and loamy soil is ideal, although well-draining dry soil can work just well for the task.

Tip 5: Dig a hole 12 to 18 inches deep in the area of soil you intend to plant your Peony.

Mix plenty of compost or other organic material into the garden soil after breaking up any clots. All the fertilization your Peony will require is packed in this.

Tip 6: As soon as you have bred your Peony, cold water it to help the soil settle.

If late spring rains are not enough to keep the soil, your Peony grows in sufficiently moist, soapy water every 10 to 14 days with about a gallon of water.

Where To Find Wild California Peonies?

peony season california
Wild California Peonies

As previously said, peonies for southern California adore the chaparral and the broad meadow of California.

So if you are looking for a well-known location where California peonies are commonly spotted each year, El Moro Elfin Forest in Los Osos is the right place to head.

Guess what? You can also make the most of your trip by visiting San Luis Obispo’s adjacent Morro Bay estuary to behold the sublimity of the wildlife here!


When is peony season in California? Now, you’ve got the answer. It’s time to water your blossom and make a perfect plan out of it to feast your eyes on the beauty of this species!

Hopefully, our article can be of great help to you. See you then!

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