Month: April 2023

  • Plant & Flower Identificationbitter chestnuts

    What Does A Chestnut Look Like? Not All Are The Same

    Chestnut fruits are among the most favorable and popular edibles, spicing every meal with strong and nutty flavors. But what does a chestnut look like? I used to believe every soul on Earth had seen – or at least heard of – these savory dishes; words cannot express how surprised I was when one of my friends told me he…

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  • FAQsyellow jacket repellent plants

    Does Citronella Repel Yellow Jackets – Myth or Fact?

    Yellow jackets are aggressive stinging insects that can be a nuisance in outdoor spaces. Many people seek natural methods to repel yellow jackets, and citronella is often considered a potential solution due to its reputation as an insect repellent. But does citronella repel yellow jackets? In this article, we will find the answer and discuss further information! Does Citronella Repel…

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  • FAQscoir pots disadvantages

    Coconut Mulch Pros and Cons for Planting: A Full Guide

    Tight-budget gardeners have been scouring through all corners for a cheap, sustainable planting solution – and coconut mulches seem to tick all the boxes. Nevertheless, these substances do have major flaws at the end of the day, prompting heated debates about whether they are truly the optimal farming choice for everyone. Our team gladly joins the ongoing debate by offering…

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  • Growing Plantsplanting lilac seeds

    How To Grow Lilac from Seed? The Best Expert Tips

    There are not enough words to describe the beauty of full-grown lilacs; their elegant, lovely shades of pink and purple serve as terrific landscape plants for any garden or backyard. One burning problem remains for confused novices, though: how to grow lilac from seed? Thankfully, the entire process is far from complicated, only requiring basic gardening knowledge and frequent attention.…

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  • Plant & Flower Identificationflower symbolizing growth

    A List of 15+ Flowers That Symbolize Growth: What Are They?

    Flowers, contrary to popular belief, are not just for aesthetic purposes. People seeking internal resilience and positivity see these beautiful blossoms as a signal to push them further toward their life goals. Each holds different meanings. Yet, among thousands of options, flowers that symbolize growth – despite difficult circumstances – are still the most favored. Who doesn’t want a dash…

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  • Plant & Flower Identificationflowers that smell like pee

    List Of Plants That Smell Like Cat Pee (6 Is Unbelievable)

    Plants come in all shapes, sizes, and scents. While many plants have sweet, floral, or spicy aromas, some have unique and distinct odors that can be described as anything but pleasant. One such thing is the smell of cat urine; believe it or not, several plants emit this stink. In this article, we’ll explore a list of plants that smell…

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  • Growing Plantscan i grow a pistachio tree

    Can You Grow Pistachios in Florida? Exploring the Possibility

    Pistachios are popular nut trees known for their unique flavor and nutritional value. If you’re a gardening enthusiast in Florida, you may wonder if it’s possible to grow pistachio trees in the warm and humid climate of the state. Can you grow Pistachios in Florida? In this article, I’ll explore the possibility of growing pistachios in this Sunshine state and…

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  • Growing Plantswhen to plant dutch iris

    Can I Plant Dutch Iris Bulbs In Spring – How To Grow?

    Dutch iris bulbs are popular for adding color and elegance to gardens, especially during spring. Can I plant Dutch Iris bulbs in spring? If you’re new to gardening or simply looking to switch things up, you may wonder if cultivating Dutch iris bulbs in the spring is possible. This article will explore the topic in more detail and provide helpful…

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  • FAQshow do i know if my rose bush is dead

    How To Tell If Rose Bush Is Dead? 4 Tried-And-True Methods

    If you don’t know how to tell if rose bush is dead, you may give up the attempts of rejuvenation too soon. Roses only grow in spring, summer, and warm autumn, yet, in winter, the rose bush looks dead. However, it’s still early to declare your tree is a goner since it usually rests over the winter (even in a…

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  • FAQslocust thorns poisonous

    Are Locust Tree Thorns Poisonous? A Full Answer

    Locusts are often seen in gardens as they have rapid growth, but not many people know about their poison. So, are locust tree thorns poisonous, and what to do if you touch one?  If it’s your concern, we’re here to explain its danger and guide you when you’re in an undesirable scenario with the tree. Are Locust Tree Thorns Poisonous?…

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