Month: July 2023

  • Growing Plantshow to care for salvias in pots

    [Garden Guide] – How To Grow Red Salvias In Pots

    Red salvias are stunning plants that brighten any garden with vibrant flowers. They are easy to grow in pots if you provide them with fertile soil, water, and bright sunlight. In this article, you will learn how to care for red salvias in pots and enjoy their vibrant color in the late and hotter summer months. You will also discover…

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  • Growing Plantsfungus cedar tree diseases

    Identifying And Treating Cedar Tree Diseases: A Completed Guide

    If you are the proud owner of cedar trees, you know its majestic beauty. However, did you know that certain cedar tree diseases can seriously jeopardize the health of your trees? Numerous prevalent illnesses have the potential to be quite harmful if left untreated. It’s critical to be aware of these potential issues and take precautions to avoid them if…

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  • Growing Plantsdoes-azalea-need-full-sun

    Where Do Azaleas Grow Best- Learn About It As A Pro!

    If you are a fan of bonsai, decorating your fence or back garden with beautiful flowers can make your home more vibrant. With vibrant colors, good environmental adaptability, and a long flowering period, Azaleas deserve a good candidate to adorn your home. But first, where do Azaleas grow best? Don’t let this question get in the way of beautifying your…

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  • Plant & Flower Identificationhow to identify funeral plants

    Funeral Plant Identification: How to Tell Them Apart?

    As their name suggests, funeral plants are a common presence in almost every funeral service and event, a token of sympathy and condolences sent to the unfortunate. These plants are divided into numerous types based on key features and, as such, easily overwhelm beginners. My funeral plant identification guidelines can hopefully lift your confusion by diving further into their tell-tale…

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  • Plant & Flower Identificationplants with heart shaped leaf

    7 Flowers That Look Like Hearts: Adorable Gifts For Your Love

    Flowers inherently evoke emotions and captivate our hearts with their charming appearance. The heart-shaped flowers make floral lovers flutter among them as they subtly express affection. If you are looking for garden romance while brainstorming gift ideas for intimate occasions, dive into the list of 7 flowers that look like hearts in my article today. From delicate petals arranged in…

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  • FAQsdo deer like calibrachoa

    Are Calibrachoa Deer Resistant? How To Protect It From Deer?

    Are Calibrachoa deer resistant? In today’s article, the answer will be revealed for those intending to sow these beautiful blossoms in a deer-prone zone. By understanding the plant’s background, like growth habits, features, and resilience, you can determine whether Calibrachoa is suitable for your garden. Besides some practical tips to protect your Calibrachoa from deer attack, you can find more…

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  • Garden Caredo-cypress-knees-grow-back

    Cypress Tree Root Removal: When And How To Do It?

    Landscape maintenance, structural issues, and safety concerns are just a few among many reasons why some gardeners resort to cypress tree root removal. While the process is not very complex, there are still tips beginners should keep in mind – and my guide will dig into them in detail. Keep scrolling! About Cypress Tree  Overview Cypress belongs to the coniferous…

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  • Growing Plantshow long do dandelions last

    How Fast Do Dandelions Grow After Mowing? Stop Its Spreading

    Imagine spending hours mowing your lawn just to find pesky dandelions sprouting up again in no time. It’s a frustrating cycle that many homeowners face. How fast do dandelions grow after mowing, and how to stop them from spreading? Understanding the post-mowing growth rate of this weed can help you control them effectively. So, let’s dive in and discover the…

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  • Plant & Flower Identificationblue flag iris vs siberian iris

    Japanese Iris Vs Siberian Iris – How Are They Different?

    When it comes to elegant and captivating iris flowers, the Japanese Iris and Siberian Iris are two distinct varieties that deserve special attention. How are they different? Delve into the world of Japanese Iris vs Siberian Iris to explore their divergent traits, growth habits, and ideal cultivation conditions. Whether you’re an avid gardener or admire these beautiful blooms, knowing their…

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  • Growing Plantsshould i deadhead gerbera daisies

    How To Deadhead Gerbera Daisies? Step-By-Step Instruction

    Deadheading gerbera daisies is a simple and effective technique that can greatly enhance the beauty and longevity of these stunning flowers. Removing spent blooms can encourage the plant to produce more buds and extend the blooming season. How to deadhead gerbera daisies? Follow mw for valuable tips and techniques to deadhead your gerbera daisies and ensure the plants thrive! Why…

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